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BioSenior Supplement
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BioSenior Supplement
BioSenior Supplement

BioSENIOR is designed for dogs ages 6 years or more to help support structural integrity and mobility of joints and connective tissues; reduce the negative effects of oxidative damage; and support normal immune, cardiovascular and neurological functions. .

*For optimal results, use with our Maintenance Products BioVITES & BioFATS.

Key Ingredients Benefits
CoQ10 Supports gums, teeth and connective tissues; normal brain function.
Chromium Supports healthy blood sugar levels; and normal body composition.
L-Glutamine Supports normal immune system function & helps support normal recovery from exercise; helps maintain normal body composition.
Taurine, cystine and biotin Supports healthy blood sugar levels; physical and mental performance; normal brain and nerve function; cardiovascular, immune activity; and supports liver and respiratory health.
Fucus vesiculosus Supports normal endocrine, hormonal, and enzyme systems.
Grapeseed extract Antioxidant to support immune system and protect body cells and tissues
Digestive enzymes Supports proper digestion

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Half scoop (2.5 g) per 10 lb of body weight to a maximum of 6 scoops.



Weight Daily Serving (scoop) Supply (days)
10 lb 1/2 160
20 lb 1 80
30 lb 1 1/2 53
40 lb 2 40
50 lb 2 1/2 32
60 lb 3 27
70 lb 3 1/2 23
80 lb 4 20
90 lb 4 1/2 18
100 lb 5 16
110 lb 5 1/2 14
120 lb 6 13


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