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Bottle Tracker
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Bottle Tracker
Bottle Tracker

Make your own toy on the fly.  Big enough to hold a plastic water bottle, a couple of tennis balls, some old socks. 

The Bottle Tracker Toy can be used for retrieving, scent recognition, search & rescue training, and contra-band training. It also makes an enthralling and interactive toy.

Fill a basic plastic bottle, which acts as a barrier between the scent and the toys’ inner surface, with training treats, ice, or scenting materials and add a few holes for the scent to escape. Made from tough, pre-consumer recycled fire hose material, this toy has a Velcro sealed compartment for enclosing the bottle and a sewn in loop for tugging.


Tough Fire Hose from Pre-consumer Recycled Materials
Durable, But Not Indestructible 
Safe and Strong Construction 
Machine Wash & Air Dry
Vibrant colors for easy recognition 
It is not intended as a water toy, but it will float.
All Katie's Bumpers are intended as interactive play toys. They are not intended as chew toys. Best if used outdoors or on washable surfaces.

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