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Neko BirBug
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Neko BirBug
Neko BirBug

  Is it a Bird or is it a Bug?

Award winning product Neko Birbug has a unique ability to GLIDE. How does it do it? The toy’s angled position makes it ready to take flight at any moment!

Key Features: •Aerodynamic: Wide, shiny, iridescent wings help produce the unique gliding movement

•Realistic: Feathers that cats love to chase •Eye-catching: Dangly legs, tail hairs and body in colors your cat can see

•Engaging: A satisfying catch which will repeatedly excite your cat's hunting instincts


Product Specifications: Made from durable synthetic materials and feathers. Neko Birbug is designed to be used exclusively with Telescoping Rod by Nekochan Enterprises.


Toy size is 5" L x 1/2" W x 1/2" H Wingspan is 4" Comes with a 37" long string with a swivel clip for easy attachment to the telescoping rod.

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Woof it up! Woof it up!