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Pepper Approved Products                                      
Fluff & Tuff Toys One of Pepper's Favorite! Why? They are Cairn Tough! They have lots of different Critters to choose from and they have a Great Squeaker! 

Bow Wow and Woofs OC Raw Sliders in Blaine, WA

OC Raw Pepper loves this Raw Food. Why? It is Super Moist! Each slider is individually wrapped to retain its moisture! There are no artificial supplements or vitamins added. It comes in a number of different proteins. It tastes great too! 

Bow Wow Woof PD mazee in Blaine, WA
Planet Dog Puzzle Toys Pepper loves her Mazee Ball. Why? She can toss it around to get treats out and even carry it in her mouth since the rubber bands. It is also see-through so she always knows when it needs to be refilled! 

Bow Wow Woof Kong Gyro in Blaine, WA

Kong Gyro Another great puzzle toy. Why? Well, it holds treats, you can carry it around and when you toss it around it doesn't hurt the floor! 

Bow Wow Woof Momentum Chicken Hearts

Momentum Freeze-Dried Treats Especially Nummy. Why? Just One Ingredient! Nothing Added! Lots of variety from Chicken Hearts and Nibbles to Pork Tenderloin.

Bow Wow Woof Adored Beast Healthy Gut in Blaine, WA

 Adored Beast Probiotics Why? Pepper has a sensitive tummy. Adored Beast Healthy Gut keeps her tummy feeling good and working great! 

Bow Wow Woof West Paw in Blaine, WA

West Paw Rando This new Treat Holder from West Paw is a Hit! Why? It holds treats! It bounces! It doesn't hurt the wood floors when you toss it either! 

Bow Wow Woof Donut Bed in Blaine, WA

Donut Cloud Bed Perfect Bed for this Princess! Why? It is a Shaggy Cloud that is perfect for those long deep sleep! It is Machine Washable too!

Bow Wow Woof Winnie Lou the Canine Co Treats in Blaine, WA

Winnie Lou Dog Treats Pepper Loves the Peanut Butter Pretzels! Why? Besides they taste great they are also easy to eat and they look like something a human would eat! Yummy!

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